Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fixated on Light Fixtures - Part 2

So yesterday I shared those fantastic black matte fixtures in a few different design styles. Today I've got another light fixture themed post for you. My aunt passed along a gem of a website on the weekend and I just had to share! 

Rejuvenation is a lighting and hardware store online and in Seattle, Portland, and Los Angeles. It started as an architectural salvage store in 1977 and it's easy to see the value they place on history and architecture -  these light fixtures aren't the same cookie-cutter sconces and chandeliers you can find just anywhere. 

The fixtures at Rejuvenation are all handcrafted and span a wide range of time periods; from Victorian, to Arts and Crafts, Colonial, and a few of my favorites like Industrial, and Mid-Century Modern.

I spent a bit of time on their website getting an idea of what each period offers. To be honest, I'm still trying to grasp the differences between some periods. I'd one day love the ability to recognize a piece of furniture, fixture, or accessory by the time period.  

With that in mind, I've come up with a bit of a quiz so you can test your knowledge too. Try matching these images with the time periods they come from. (as noted by Rejuvenation online -  all images from the website).

Arts and Crafts; Classical Revival; Colonial Revival; Deco; Industrial; 
Mid-Century Modern; Old World; Victorian                       

I've put the answers below - let me know how you did and which was your favorite! If you've still got fixtures on the brain go check out Rejuvenation online here.

By the way, I love, love, love it when people pass along websites and blogs for me to check out - I'm just one person after all and the internet is scary big.


Answers, from left to right: 
(1) Industrial; (2) Colonial Revival; (3) Victorian; (4) Mid-Century; 
(5) Arts & Crafts; (6) Deco; (7) Classical Revival; (8) Old World

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