Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Christmas Gift Guide

Shopping for Christmas gifts is one of my favorite things - which is odd because in general I really dislike crowds, spending money, busy parking lots, and individuals completely unaware of how their cart, parked in the middle of the aisle, affects other people.

Ultimately gift giving is personal, there's nothing better than seeing something in a store and immediately knowing that your best friend or co-worker would love it.

However, shopping can be stressful, especially at Christmas so it's important to start early. Great gift plans can backfire when you can't find that perfect item or haven't accounted for shipping time.

Now really is the time to start making that list and checking it twice. In addition to making my own wishlist, piecing ideas together for family, and taking those first tentative trips to the mall, I've compiled all my favorite online gift ideas - for your viewing pleasure.

If you are buying for your: Mother, Sister, Best Friend...

I like to give the ladies I know a little luxury at Christmas - something pretty, kitschy, or indulgent that they wouldn't necessarily buy for themselves.

Nothing says indulgent like sparkle, but giving jewelry doesn't have to be expensive. I have an amazingly talented friend who sells handmade pieces that are beautiful, one of a kind, and affordable. If you aren't so lucky, check out sites like Etsy or look for local craft fairs in your area.

A little fortune cookie necklace contains a personalized fortune by the clasp while this diamond shaker necklace is incredibly dainty.  

These fantastic rings are handcrafted from vintage teaspoons and come with a little tag describing their history.

A lovely handbag is a great gift for a variety of age levels - a modern chevron print for the trendsetter on your list, a cheeky library bag for the book lover, or something timeless and classic just like your role-model...

Who wouldn't be happy to receive a lovely printed scarf, earthy stone tea-light holders, or a fun owl photo frame. I can see any and all of these featured on my own Wish List. 

If you are buying for your: Dad, Brother, Boyfriend...

I don't know about you but my Dad and Brother are always the hardest people to shop for on my list. I think it is because they like gifts with purpose and often just buy what they need instead of waiting for the holidays.

All the men I know love music and now that vinyl LPs are available for every band from the Black Keys to Bread it seems only natural to gift your favorite person their favorite album. I suggest starting with a classic like Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison

If you've got a dog lover on your list, these art prints will be well received and are easy to personalize with a variety of breeds available. These gear bookends would perfectly complement a man-cave while your best friend or boyfriend would love this vintage inspired messenger bag. And if you're still stumped for ideas homemade cookies never fail to impress.

If you are buying for a: Kitchen Connoisseur

Most of the kitchen utensils I have were bought out of necessity so when I receive something a little extravagant it's a real treat. A KitchenAid ice-cream attachment is great for the frozen treat lover on your list while this turquoise cookware is both functional and attractive. 

For something smaller scale, an ingenious floating ladle or some antique measuring spoons fit perfectly in a stocking. When in doubt, you can't go wrong with an adorable owl or pear cookie jar filled with homemade goodies.

If you are buying for a: Total Tech Fan
With the iPhone popping up everywhere the latest gadgets make great gifts. A cute mustache iPhone cover, solar charger, or projector attachment are all good options while the Lens Dial is perfect for the photographer on your list, combining a fisheye, wide angle, and telephoto lens all in one.

If you are buying for a: Lovable Nerd

I have a big soft spot for nerds - perhaps it's because, deep down inside, I know I'm not as cool as I think I am. As it turns out, there are tons of gift out there to make the nerd on your list very happy on Christmas morning.

For the comic book lover, these X-Men and Superpower posters are more cool and graphic than geeky.

As a Harry Potter fan myself, these Hogwarts Textbook Journals are on my list. In my defense I think that they are incredibly cool and vintage looking! 

Any die-hard Game of Thrones fan would flip for this map while this t-shirt illustrating the Carbon Cycle is great for a science dork.

If you are buying for a: Kid at Heart

No one should take life too seriously. If you're shopping for a big kid, or two, this year, it's hard to go wrong with a Rain Drum - isn't this so cool!?! A vintage inspired Polaroid camera or pair of roller-skates are both fun ideas that pack a big punch of nostalgia.

As a constant doodler I really love this duvet cover. It comes with washable fabric markers so you can doodle, wash, and repeat. 

When Parents Text is a hilarious compilation of texting blunders that will make even the biggest kids cringe and if you need stocking stuffers check out these cool band-aids, wristwatch post-it notes, and a guitar pick punch.

If you are buying for the: Office Gift Exchange

It is always hard to buy for someone you don't really know, especially when limited by a budget. I think fun office supplies are always a great choice, like this 365 day calendar, this cute facebook stamp, or a fun Owl pencil holder

If you know the person well, a fabric covered copy of their favorite book is always nice, but if you've only exchanged polite smiles, a gift certificate or nice bottle of wine are safe options. 

Hopefully this helped you with some of those people on your list that are just too hard to shop for - and who do they think they are making gift giving so difficult? I'll be posting my own list with more ideas as we move closer to Christmas.


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