Tuesday, March 6, 2012

On My Mind - 06.03.2012

Right now I can't stop thinking about... Turquoise jewellery. 

My love for chunky bits of turquoise is traced back to a family vacation to Mexico in 2000. Now, when I get a yearning for warm sand beaches and pina coladas (usually starts every winter and lasts until April) I also start thinking about turquoise and how lovely a new bracelet or pair of earrings would be.

Unfortunately a trip to Mexico isn't in the cards this winter, and I'm stuck at home drinking Coronas under a wool blanket and browsing Pinterest and Etsy for anything turquoise.

Over-sized rings are my favorite accessory right now and I really like the oblong shape of this one. It's amazing what a statement ring can do to an outfit.

via Simply Good Stuff

This Anthropologie cuff is so lovely and needless to say completely out of my price range. I'm starting to like gold more and more and the large center stone is fantastic.

via Anthropologie

The gradient hues in this beaded bracelet are so lovely1 I like that the stones are all a bit different, nothing is too perfect - Except the bracelet itself, which would pair perfectly with jeans and a t-shirt.

via Etsy

Again, this casual pendant necklace would look fabulous with jeans and a t-shirt. I'm really loving pendant necklaces right now and the chevron/arrow shape is very trendy.

via Etsy

Have a great day!

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