Thursday, March 15, 2012

On My Mind - 15.03.2012

Spring is on its way - the reason I know this is because I just had my toes painted neon pink, which coincidentally makes you look more tanned. How can spring stay away when I am so clearly prepared to welcome it with open arms?

My favorite spring outfit right now is the maxi dress/jacket combo. I tried on a green and white striped dress at Winners last week and it was the most comfortable thing I've ever worn. Like a giant nightgown, the dress skims over all the 'bumps' and covers less-than-freshly-shaven legs. Needless to say I took it home with me and it's waiting patiently in my closet for a warm day.

via Kristina KH

via Refinery 29

via This Time Tomorrow

via Stockholm Streetstyle

I love the idea of pairing these dramatically long dresses with a cropped jacket - I recently accumulated a white denim jacket that will receive lots of attention this summer. All I need are some sandals - perhaps with a metallic detail and I'm good to go, at lest for one day a week. 


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