Friday, April 13, 2012

A Bit of Brilliance - Lookie Loo

Why do short weeks drag on and feel longer than a normal work week? Alas it's Friday, thank goodness, and I've got some lovely ideas to share. So go ahead, have a look, and then have a great weekend!

As soon as I spotted this strawberry tart I knew I had to make it - now I'm just waiting for them to come into season. Doesn't it sound delicious? I really like the rustic look, not too perfect and therefore easily attainable. 

via yumsugar

I really like the graffiti look this mirror has. The bright coral and orange really make the ornate frame stand out; the photo composition is equally fantastic.
via tumblr

This look is absolutely stunning - I can't stop staring at this photo. The coloured headband, loose wavy hair, perfectly maintained brows, pale blush... I could go on and on

via Pinterest

I love tulips in the spring and having these beauties greet me in the kitchen each morning is the best way to start any day - even a Monday.
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I really love the look of this colour combo - soft pink, gray, and cherry red. It's unexpected yet really works.

via cupcakes and cashmere

It's Friday the 13th - spooky eh? If you believe in all of that...


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  1. That strawberry tart looks amazing! I would like it if you could make it for a family event :P