Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Etsy Picks - Sweet Pastels

Perhaps I indulged in one too many Cadbury Mini Eggs this Easter, or maybe I'm just finally giving pastels the attention they deserve, because for some reason I can't get these soft hues off my mind. Not just for nurseries and baby clothing, I found some wonderful pastel pieces on Etsy recently. 

I've really fallen hard for this little beaded necklace - the pastel hues are lovely. I'd pair it with some dark skinny jeans, ballet flats, and a couple thin layered t-shirts.

via Etsy

Vintage tea-cups in soft pastel hues and vintage magic. I really like the mid-century style and stack-ability.

via Etsy

What a fabulous pale pink Polaroid camera! I have a soft spot for Polaroid prints.

via Etsy

A pastel pennant-style necklace is so on-trend right now. I think this could be easily replicated with a little DIY magic.

via Etsy

This little cosmetic pouch is beautiful in soft pastel purple, I really like the colour blocking effect and tassel zipper pull too!

via Etsy

I'm planning on rocking pastels throughout the spring and summer, and maybe even into the fall if it's lucky... 


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