Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Colours Abound

Have you had the chance to visit a mall lately? I went a few weeks ago and was surprised to find that somehow a bag of Skittles has exploded in a sweatshop somewhere. Pants, tops, sweaters, dresses, accessories in every store are available in any colour your heart could desire.

Maybe not Skittles in sweatshops, that's a little silly; perhaps instead designers from around the globe got together for a pajama party and watched Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat, or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, or another equally colourful film. Walking away completely inspired, they all created over-the-top colourful fashion shows, and the lemmings (that's you and I) followed suit.

I don't know why I was surprised to see so much colour, after all Pinterest is full of it right now too - especially skinny jeans - and as I spend so much time perusing the site it clearly shapes my views of the outside world. However, somehow seeing all the colours together, royal blue sweaters over fuchsia tops paired with yellow skinny pants, hit me hard and I couldn't help but stand frozen in the middle of the hallway, shoppers bumping and pushing past me, to take it all in at once. This is perhaps the closest I'll ever get to being inside a rainbow, unless one of my endless quests to find the pot of gold finally pay off.

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This spring it appears colour isn't just left to the fashion world, it's infiltrated the world of interior design as well. I am pleased, I love colour and my own home is full of it. As much as I have drooled over monochromatic spaces in the past, crisp white bathrooms, soft gray kitchens, and soothing neutral bedrooms, this huge hit of colour is cheerful, optimistic, and energizing - just like Spring after a long winter.

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As I've said time and time again (and probably stole from a designer or two on television), my favorite way to add colour is with paint and accessories. A gallon of punchy paint and a long weekend are all it takes to add new life into a space. Or, if the thought of climbing up and down a ladder a zillion times is exhausting, take a couple hours and hit up IKEA, Homesense, or your local thrift store for colourful accents.  I keep my larger, and therefore more expensive, pieces of furniture neutral and layer colour on top with bright throws, pillows, handmade art, and nicknacks.

If you're looking for a few DIY ideas to add an injection of colour to your home, take a moment to visit a few of my past projects here, here, and here. Colour is something to embrace, not hide from - go ahead and see for yourself. 


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