Monday, May 28, 2012

Patio Season

I live in a condo so my spring gardening and yard maintenance is next to nothing - a few pots to clean out and re-plant. However this weekend we headed out to our family cabin on a nearby lake to prepare for summer. After just one day of dusting, washing, sweeping, and mowing, our patio is margarita ready - bring on summer!

I really love my low maintenance condo but the privacy and feeling of retreat that a backyard, big or small, provides is unmatched, especially as a venue for summer bar-b-ques, water fights, and late night camping. Although I don't have a full backyard, I do have a lovely little patio overlooking downtown - green space, in some form or another, was essential when house shopping. 

These lovely patios are proof that no matter the size, or budget, you can create a wonderful outdoor space - just in time for summer.


A gorgeous stone fireplace gets some old-world charm from climbing ivy. I can just imagine sitting in front of the fire, under the open sky, on a crisp June night.


I love how attainable this patio is - square cement paving stones set in a grid pattern over a bed of loose gravel for drainage - and the straight lines and kept lawn make my knees weak.


The tile and high walls make this eclectic dining area feel exotic and remote - not just another patio in sunny LA.


Amazing what a little colour can do to a space - indoors or out. I would start every day of summer on that little bench, latte in hand.


Gorgeous concrete steps create a fun bridge, and architectural element, between two levels in this backyard - when budget isn't a concern. 


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