Thursday, May 3, 2012

Perfection Found - Collected Living Room

via corgibuttsdrivemenuts

Where do I start with this lovely living room? Upon first inspection a few fabulous pieces stand out - the chrome pendant light, hung nice and low to be admired by all, a graphic print framed in black plays perfectly off of the eye catching area rug, and an airy glass cabinet blends seamlessly into the far corner but still has something special to offer with great hardware. 

However to admire the true mix and match genius in this space you have to look a bit further. An average sofa is given some oomph with an assortment of printed pillows, two basic frosted glass tables have more impact when grouped together, and basic white walls are an after thought thanks to the amazing architectural window. 

This room perfectly summarizes all that can be achieved with some mixing and matching - embrace those hand-me-down pieces, offset them with a few key elements, and you are on your way to extraordinary. 


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