Monday, June 25, 2012

Not-So-Conventional Books Storage

In my humble opinion there are few things less enjoyable than spending a sunny summer afternoon with a good book - I'll leave you to your own thoughts on what constitutes a "good" book.

Unfortunately I am currently purging my book collection, however if you are busy stocking up on summer reading material here are a few unique ways to keep all those books organized, easy to find, or at least out of the way so they won't be stepped on. 

I like the rough stacking of these books and use of some unconventional storage space in the fireplace. I'm assuming this fireplace has been sealed up, so why not use it as a catchall for books in the summer? Switch things up for the winter holidays with some tall pillar candles and you've got another lovely little reading space.


I am extremely envious of the owner of this vintage display stand and immediately want one of my own. These stacked books look wonderful - if you get a chance check out the house tour via the link below, the entire place is enviable.


This may be one of my favorite storage style coffee tables - I love that the books are all on display and not just tucked away somewhere. For me this is perfect for a cottage or cabin; vintage, rustic, easy to clean around, and any small dents or dings only add to the appeal. 


If your book obsessions edges more towards the hoarders end of the collection spectrum you may need a larger scale storage solution. The nice thing about these books, stacked and stacked and stacked, under a kitchen island, is that they are part of the decor. The room is paired down, with a clean band of colour on the walls, which makes the space look modern and tidy.


Isn't it nice to step away from the conventional bookcase for a bit and explore all the other options out there? 


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