Thursday, June 7, 2012

Perfection Found - Warm Living Room


This living room doesn't necessarily "fit" with the eclectic, modern, mid-century, inspired rooms I've featured before under the category of Perfection Found but I'm here to reaffirm that perfection comes in all shapes and sizes. I think the ability to appreciate many different styles, not just one or two personal favorites, lets us witness so much more beauty in the world.

It also helps if you want to mix and match styles from across many different esthetics. Whether it's a look you are trying to achieve, or something you have to work with out of necessity (budget anyone?), the mixed look is definitely trendy right now.

I would grab that chandelier for my own place the moment the owner left the room and I'd give a limb for ceilings like that. I also adore the dark chunky sofa, somewhat rustic, and cool modern gray cushions - mix and match heaven!


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