Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kicked Up Classic - Photo Wall

You're probably quite familiar with the classic photo wall - they seem to be everywhere lately, even I couldn't resist installing a little ledge to display all my favorite frames and photos (with a little help from my dad). 

It's easy to understand the popularity of the tried and true photo wall, they're eye-catching and create a great focal point in a room, they also make use of multiple photos in a small chunk of wall space. However the common photo wall seems to be becoming a bit, well, common for my liking.

If you're looking for something refreshing and new, why not borrow some inspiration from some of the creative photo walls below?

My absolute favorite way to display photos at the moment, wrapping your photo wall around a corner is a modern approach that takes advantage of an awkward space and helps connect and transition between two rooms. If you're looking for an eclectic look mix and match frames; more modern? stick to black and white images and keep frames similar in style, shape, and size.


If a frame-wrapped corner isn't for you, why not amplify things a bit? These gorgeous photo walls (on steroids) are a more modern take on the classic and are certainly attention grabbing. Too keep the look from becoming overpowering skip colour and opt for black and white photos in neutral frames. 


And after all that, there's always the classic photo wall if you prefer to play it a bit safe. However you decide to showcase your family photos, they are sure to add a personal touch to your home that can't be found anywhere else. 


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