Friday, August 17, 2012

Thrift Away My Friend

I'm here today as a service to let you know, if you are not already aware, that today is National Thrift Store Day!

I'm assuming it's a "national" holiday in the United States, as they have days for everything from bubblegum and blue jeans to body paint and ugly trucks, however as I live awfully close (as the crow flies), and don't need an excuse to celebrate second hand goodies, I'm officially adopting this holiday.

Before I head off to immerse myself in an afternoon of non-stop thrifting, I thought I'd share some inspiration - perhaps to help narrow down your search while strolling the aisles of your local thrift store. I settled on the ideas below because they are realistic, achievable projects, that use easy to find thrift store items.

Rustic painted salt and pepper mills (via)

Epoxy scares me but I still want to try this (via)

Wash vintage shirts in colour safe bleach first (via)

Absolutely adore these preppy stripes (via)

Spray paint and cluster thrifted frames (via)

Unfortunately I'm limited to window shopping today, our backpacks are packed for our flight Tuesday morning and I can't get away storing any "projects". If you snag a great find or have a project in the works please share - I'd love to live vicariously!


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