Monday, January 28, 2013

Back and Ready to Get Crafty!

I have some confessing to do...

Although we made it home, from our amazing travels abroad, just before Christmas, it's taken me over a month to figure out what exactly I want to do with the whole blogging/crafting/DIYing thing here at Strawberry Roan. 

Exploring Santorini, Greece by ATV

See, as our place is still rented out and we are tossing around the idea of more travel later this year, I don't really have the space/supplies/setup/equipment to take on some of my most loves, but messiest, DIY desires (think refinishing and upholstery and paint). 

Although I am without my crafting bat-cave, the one thing I do have now more than ever is time. Whereas before all my crafty dreams were simmering on the back burner because of work and responsibilities, now I find myself with oodles of time and zero obligations.

It's always been more table-like than cool bat-cave dwelling

Imagine the possibilities...

In fact I have, to the point of becoming a bit overwhelmed with all the ways I can spend my new found freedom. Apparently when met with limitless opportunity to go craft wild, my perfectionist self decides to stress out and lose sleep contemplating all the ways I can mess it up. As it turns out, the only way to mess up a lifestyle of open possibilities is to spend your time worrying.

Although I'm still trying to sort out craft space and projects that can be accomplished with a spread-out-between-places living situation, I have decided to take up knitting and am loving it so far and have a lengthy list of new recipes to try. While I tackle these projects I'll continue to share the results here for all those interested. 

I'll also be playing with the format of my posts and the ideas/content I share, just to spice things up a bit, which means there may be fewer posts than last year, or even some post-less weeks, but just know I'm working on something (hopefully) great to share soon!

Here's to a wonderful (and crafty) 2013!

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