Monday, February 18, 2013

Rich and Fudgy Chocolate Truffle Pie

Before the icing on my mom's Lemon-Strawberry layer cake had a chance to firm up, I was asked to whip up another cake, this time for my uncle's birthday at the end of January. 

As the light, lemony cake had turned out so well, I was tempted to use similar flavours, however knowing my dad's family and their love of chocolate I knew I needed something rich and fudgy to win them over. 

After scouring the internet for inspiration I found myself salivating over a beautiful French Silk Pie; it's lovely layers and mouse-like consistency the perfect departure from the traditional chocolate layer cake with Smarties I make three times a year for my dad's birthday, brother's birthday, and father's day (as well as for my Dad's wedding a couple years ago). 

My Inspiration...

Stunning French Silk Tarts (via)

Classic French Silk Pie (via)

Unfortunately, most French Silk Pie recipes contain raw egg and I wasn't overly comfortable bringing something to dinner with a warning label attached, therefore I needed another option that still offered light, chocolatey layers without the risk of salmonella. As luck would have it, I stumbled onto a delicious looking Chocolate Truffle Pie and my concerns of sick dinner guests were no more.

Recipe Synopsis: 
Taste: Rich is the best way to describe this pie, however the use of semi-sweet chocolate was good and not overly sugary like milk-chocolate can often be. The graham cracker crumb crust offered a crunchy contrast to the multiple layers of chocolate mouse.
Texture: This pie is very light, almost mouse like. I would have liked the whipped cream layer to be a bit lighter tasting (perhaps by omitting the confectioners sugar as the chocolate is already sweet). The crust offers a nice bit of crunch.
Wow Factor: My pie wasn't as tall as I would have liked, perhaps a smaller pie plate would have created a more "mounded" result. As a whole, the pie is quite simple looking, however once sliced the layers are very pretty.
Difficulty: This dessert is very easy to make, however it is also quite time consuming as each layer needs to chill before the next can be made, one layer is chilled overnight. With that being said, it's a great option to make ahead of time.
Serve With: Any chocolate fans will love this dessert and as it's a chilled pie it would be quite refreshing on a hot summer day.

Unfortunately after seeing almost a full Litre (33 ounces) of heavy cream find its way into this pie I really didn't want to eat any of it however in the end I opted for a very small piece. Luckily the guests were oblivious and had nothing but positive feedback to offer. Although I wouldn't make this pie again for myself, my tastes sway more towards light lemony chiffon cake, I am sure I'll receive requests from the chocolate lovers in my life. 

I'm sharing this recipe today, for everyone with a sweet tooth over at...
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  1. OHHH my lordie! This looks amazing. This pie... needs to be in my belly, right now! Great recipe.

    1. Thanks Kammie, it was a winner with my family :)