Monday, March 25, 2013

Bake-Off Rematch: Cheesecake

This past weekend marked the re-match of the infamous bake-off last summer. Seeing as I escaped to Europe shortly after that heartbreaking loss (mostly to lick my wounds) this spring was the soonest we could set up round two. 

The parameters this time were easy - bake a cheesecake good enough to knock everyone's socks off. I knew the competition was tough but felt up to the challenge.

The three incredible looking entries

I opted for an intense, spring-like flavour combination using fresh blackberries and tart lemon. I was positive this recipe would clench the title, it looks beautiful and tastes even better. However victory escaped me again and left me seriously doubting my baking skills. 

Now I'm wondering if the judging isn't rigged. 

Making sure to sample each piece

Seriously, this cheesecake is wonderfully sweet and fresh tasting and, as I drown my sorrows today eating it straight from the spring-form pan, I don't know where I went wrong. Yes, the flavours are strong, but who doesn't love lemon and blackberries? Perhaps I misjudged my audience...

In the end it seems everyone is a winner, indulging in creamy cheesecake and a wonderful evening with friends. Or perhaps, more accurately, we are all losers, three pieces of cheesecake in one sitting is too much for even the biggest of dessert fans. 

I gave it my best shot

I'll share my recipe and some photos with you later this week - if you don't mind second rate cheesecake.


  1. Calli. Your cheesecake was delicious and definitely required the most skill. I scored it the highest. You're the true winner in my book.
    Love, Jen.

    1. Thank-you my wonderful friend, although the last thing I want is to pit you against your hubby :)