Tuesday, April 23, 2013

DIY Inspiration - Aztec and Navajo Prints

Aztec is not only one of the hottest trends right now, it's also the inspiration for my latest DIY project. Although we saw an array of glorious chunky aztec print sweaters this winter, the pattern is now dominating fashion as well as interior design and the vast world of accessories - it's even found it's way onto my little blog as a little something extra to spice up the header.


Add a crisp blazer for a polished look (via)

Patterned sunglasses to match your manicure (via)

A cute detail on these two toned oxfords (via)

A fun printed quilt in primary colours (via)

An relaxed tunic in blacks and browns (via)

Some Aztec inspired bling (via)

A delicate clutch gets a punch of neon pink (via)

A pretty little throw pillow in bright hues (via)


Taking in all this inspiration, I decided to make an Aztec print tote, using a handmade stencil I whipped up from items at my local office supply store. I'll share the tutorial tomorrow!

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