Monday, February 21, 2011

It began with a horse...

My dad’s mother was the craftiest woman I’ve ever known. When I was a child I would go over to her house and spend hours downstairs beading and glittering anything I could get my little hands on. Her craft room was the size of my current kitchen, dining, and living area and stocked full of every kind of paint, bead, glitter, glue, and paper imaginable – a crafting oasis!

Being such a talented and hands on lady, my Nana made me many toys. One I still have, gently tucked away in storage, is a broomstick horse named Strawberry Roan that she whipped up out of some yarn, a work sock, and some batting. Strawberry Roan was the perfect play companion - as a modern day princess I needed my own horse (just in case prince charming flaked).

Strawberry Roan and I had many magical adventures. The name, both perfectly practical and whimsical, was another of my Nana’s brilliant ideas – combining a real horse breed with my love of strawberries and the colour of the sock used to form my pony’s head. Being so young I made up many variations of the name, including Strawberry Rome – how confusing for the poor pony!

Unfortunately we lost my Nana to cancer about 10 years ago. Although I lost a wonderful role model and crafting influence, I haven’t lost the desire to craft. My Nana lives in each painting, sewing, and upholstery project I take on and my first home, purchased a year ago, is providing tons of opportunities to overindulge on DIY projects and crafty ideas.

I firmly believe that everyone needs a creative outlet - even if crafting isn’t your idea of a good time – and we can’t always get this from our day jobs. My solution? To start a blog, named in memory of the craftiest lady I’ve ever known, dedicated to all things design, DIY, and delicious – my own little brag book of sorts.

Yes, this blog will probably primarily revolve around me and my lust for DIY projects. However I will also try to sprinkle in all the other creative projects I love – photography, music, recipes, gardening... As well, I am constantly realizing just how creative the people around me are and hopefully this can translate into some future posts!

So feel free to stop in every now and then or snuggle in and stay a while. I hope you all are as excited as I am!


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