Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Soul Mates

It seems that most of the time I get an idea for a DIY project and then it gets filed away in the back of my head until I find just the right tool, fabric, or in this case, piano bench to bring that idea front and centre again.

And this is exactly what happened with this little bench/jewelery storage (nee sad, plain-jane, piano bench). I had been thinking about jewelery storage after being inspired by this gorgeous shot from Martha Stewart. Yeah, yeah, joke away - but the lady doesn't do anything half-assed.

Also, my jewelery collection has at least tripled if not quadrupled since my friend Stacey started making absolutely gorgeous pieces (but that's another story).

I wanted somewhere to store my jewelery that was pretty but also functional and, as I don't have room in my bedroom for a full dresser let alone a dresser with one entire drawer dedicated solely to jewelery (in a perfect world maybe...), I needed something a little smaller and less conspicuous. Then I remembered my grandma's piano bench and how the seat lifts up for sheet music storage...

The idea went to the back of my head - forced there by newer ideas and inspiring pictures - until one sunny afternoon when I "happened" to stop into Value Village for a quick look around. As soon as I saw her I knew we were meant to be together - I mean what are the chances that I had a killer idea waiting for someone like her to fulfill it?

By the way, this is my definition of soul mates. I'm not big into the whole idea of people being destined to be together and all that - but furniture destiny - bring it on!

*As a side note - I can, will, and am soul mates with many different pieces of furniture, all at once, and no, they don't seem to mind.

Back to my gorgeous bench... I was even more convinced when I saw the price - $7.99!! So much potential... so cheap... I whisked her away (actually wedged her into my Honda hatchback) and we haven't looked back.

Check her out now - with a new coat of white paint, fantastic deep turquoise upholstery, and a little something fun, just for me, under the seat.

And because I love her jewelery - and I will not say I love something unless I really, absolutely, overwhelming love it - here is some eye candy courtesy of my friend Stacey.



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