Thursday, February 24, 2011

Need, Want, What's the Difference?

It doesn't get much better than small town British Columbia - gorgeous landscape, numerous outdoor activities, close knit community feel... but when it comes to interior design and furniture options Kamloops is limited - especially if you are looking for affordable options that aren't your run of the mill cookie cutter pieces.

I spend a lot (A LOT) of time perusing my favorite stores online. Mostly daydreaming - if money were no option... if I had a bigger place to fill with gorgeous finds...

Here's what I am lusting after right now:

This gorgeous industrial style desk from Anthropologie would look amazing in my bedroom. I am thinking of putting something long and narrow against the wall adjacent to my bed in place of a nightstand. However, the price means it isn't meant to be and I'll have to come up with a DIY project (luckily I have some other ideas).

Oh if only I had more room... and a bigger budget. I'm really on an industrial kick right now and this gorgeous Gymnasium Storage Shelf from Urban Outfitters is fantastic! I really like how they didn't over crowd it and let the wire structure show through. Also that little stool to the right is to die for! I heart the lush plants used as well (another thing I need for my place).

 I have been lusting after this Garvey Chair from Anthropologie since I first saw it. The sleek lines of the wood frame... the New York Subway Station print upholstery... so lovely. I know that I will never own it - but if by chance a miracle occurs and one ends up on my door step I know exactly where in my place it can live - forever.

Finally - to go with the vintage, distressed, industrial look is this beautiful jewelery display from Etsy. I think that the wood has so much character and really shows off the jewelery well. Plus I really admire people that can see a different and unique purpose for something.



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