Monday, February 28, 2011

The shoes on my feet - I bought it

Oh Beyonce would be so proud of my shopping escapades this weekend! (and no it's not a coincidence that the title of this post is a line from "Independent Women")

I've had a lot of really great luck lately when it comes to shopping/thrifting. Perhaps I'm cashing in all my good karma at once (although I'm a bit freaked out to think about what may happen if it runs out).

This weekend most of my purchases ended up being clothes for spring - which is strange because it was snowing outside. However I did find some fantastic stuff for my place and will now take a minute to brag...

 I found this gorgeous royal blue ceramic pot which I plan to put in my living room (with a plant in it - duh Calli). I have a nice medium sized tropical palm (or something similar) in mind, but I want to wait for it to warm up a bit so I don\t shock the poor thing just getting it home.

Also, I finally (finally!) found an area rug that will work (for now) in my entryway. My entrance is narrow and long and then mostly just stairs up to the main floor. I've had so much trouble finding a runner that is modern and colourful - so I gave up (not exactly what I was taught to do growing up but it worked!). Until I am able to find a runner I picked up this multi-coloured gem for cheap and will just 'make it work'.
 Anyone else automatically think of Tim Gunn from Project Runway when I use this phrase? - Anyone wondering what the heck I'm talking about?.

I actually got two rugs - one for the entrance and a second one for the master bathroom. I haven't painted the bathroom yet (yes, it's on my very long to do list) and I had been thinking of a nice blue/turquoise for the walls. I'm hoping to use this new rug as a bit of a jumping off point and will let you know if it works out.

I also picked up this fantastic little wire basket. When I saw it the words magazine rack immediately popped into my head so I decided to bring it home with me. It was kismet - the little thing looks adorable with my magazines all piled up in there AND it frees some space up on another shelf where my magazines were before AND the whole thing fits amazingly well under my side table.

On another note - the side table is one of the zillion gorgeous pieces that have relocated (by themselves!) to my place from my grandma's basement... no I didn't shake anyone up or take advantage of anyone's age/memory to get these pieces to pick up and move (and yes I will post about this soon).

And because bragging is so fun and feels soooooo good... this one is just because I can.

I found this beautiful orange Nine West bag at Winners for a steal! 

It is leather and oh so soft - also the silver hardware is the perfect complement to the colour and shape. My poor other purses are probably going to become Vitamin D deficient from a lack of sunlight (but it will be worth it...).

Happy Monday!


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