Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Get your Chevron on

Alternate title - "this ain't your grandfather's Herringbone jacket" (no elbow patches here!)
There are so many amazingly gorgeous prints out there and right now I am gaga for Chevron and Herringbone. I adore their boldness - whether in high contrast black and white or punchy bright colours!

At this very moment, I am making a pros and cons list to decide if I could give up a kidney for gorgeous Chevron hardwood floors like these (you can still live with only one kidney right?). However right now, in my current place, it isn't practical - so this is one dream that I will have to sleep on for a few more moons. 

Although Herringbone flooring is only a dream at this stage, there are some brilliant ideas out there using these prints (it definitely seems to be THE pattern of the moment) that I want to put some into action in my own home. 

However, as with anything (except maybe puppies and BBQ chips) you CAN have too much of a good thing so I am going to make an effort to use the pattern conscientiously - to add a pop of colour and graphic element and not let it take over the entire room. 

Chevron print is popping up more and more on interior walls and I love the end result... especially on a feature wall. The taping process to get this effect is probably mind numbing and I think getting the angles right would require a lot of math (I don't really do math) but the finished product would be so worth it!
Blogging with Taylor
Using Herringbone or Chevron fabric is a great inexpensive (and paint free) way to add some print to a room without making a serious commitment (which is what i am all about). Recently I've seen some great prints at my local fabric store, but I'm holding out for a hero, in the form of something in a larger and more exaggerated scale... a print perfectly proportionate for some pillows (or, dare I say, curtains?).
The Tile Shop
Although these are all nice ways to incorporate this print into my place - what I really and truly have my heart set on (besides the kidney worthy wood floors) is a gorgeous black and white printed rug for my entrance. I know, I know I just posted about finding something for this exact spot while shopping on the weekend... but I explicitly said that this was a temporary 'make it work' solution (read: until I find something black, white, and Chevron!)

Tatertots and Jello
decor pad
I'm not certain how good my prospects are to find a rug like this with the correct measurements to fit in my long and narrow entrance. I've struggled to find anything decent in a runner style rug. However I am going to stay optimistic - and if/when that fails I'll go DIY wild...


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