Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nothing suits me like a suit...

Have you had a chance to check out White Collar? Unfortunately we don't get it in Canada - the TV series is on USA network. I won't go into details on how I am able to simultaneously live in the Great White North AND catch this show each week (thank you Internet) but I will highly recommend that you jump on the bandwagon.

The story line is entertaining (it's easy to get hooked) - white collar con-man Neal Caffrey has given up his criminal ways (or has he?) to help the FBI. Set in New York, the show does an fantastic job showcasing the city and the cases all have a great 'catch me if you can' feel.

However I must admit, the main reason I watch the show is the eye candy that is Neal Caffrey's apartment (ok and leading actor Matthew Bomer). I love love love this apartment! To me it feels like the eclectic love child of old New York architecture and mid-century modern furniture. Each piece gives off the vibe that it was meticulously collected over a lifetime, yet everything seamlessly fits together.

I especially love this wall of dark black framed glass windows and the natural light that they (and the fantastic ceiling of sky lights) let into the room. If only my own place wasn't a long narrow box with small windows at each end... I am seriously envious of this wall of glass and the huge doors opening onto that amazing balcony. 

I thought about referring to this oasis beyond the glass doors as a deck or a patio but really who am I kidding? This is a balcony in every meaning of the word. It is so romantic, fairytale like, perfect for a princess. If I was Rapunzel, trapped in the highest tower of the most beautiful castle in all the land, THIS is exactly where prince charming and his steed could find me.

Right now, as I recover from the glass windows mentioned above, I find myself falling for the fantastic mid-century(esque) coffee table in the living room. This is probably the (first) piece I would try to smuggle out in my purse if I was ever let on set (clearly I would be caught...)

The miss-matchery of books in the apartment's living room makes me so happy - and a little miffed how, when I try to do this in my own home, everything looks messy. The bookshelves look perfectly cluttered without being overwhelmingly full - must be a set trick (after all they never get used). 


Finally we get to the bedroom (isn't that the truth...). This bedroom is perfect for a lazy Sunday morning spent in bed, with the dark wood floors, neutral walls, and bright sky light covered ceiling. (Or maybe I love this room so much because the thought of Matthew Bomer (as Neal Caffrey) in that bed makes my knees weak...)

In an effort to avoid being construed as a tease, and for any of you crazies that weren't overly impressed with the apartment, here's some eye candy just for you (ok, it's for me a bit too).

Oh how I love me a suit...


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