Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Object Orange Obsession

My name is Calli and I am obsessed with mid-century furniture.

There is a fantastic shop in Kelowna by the name of Object Orange that enables my habit... Last time I was there I found an incredible teak dining table and original Solair Chair - now they both live with me. 

I think my credit card was screaming from overuse after that shopping escapade and I've tried to limit my visits ever since (for the benefit of my bank account and not my condos aesthetic...). 

I was fortunate enough to get 4 new dining chairs from Object Orange for Christmas (thanks Mom!) but when I was in the area a month ago I purposefully avoided the store entirely - I've realized that when it comes to mid-century furniture I can't only look and something always ends up coming home with me...

What a great Christmas gift!

Well now the store has gone and done it in true enabler fashion - Object Orange has a new website and I find myself falling in love with each new photo added...

Here's what has my attention right now:

Oh what I would give for an Eames Shell chair with an Eiffel base...limb, organ, first born child?
I'd be completely content to fill my house with only chairs, lamps, and amazing credenza's like this

This lamp (and it's curves!) literally makes my knees weak

Go check out Object Orange here: http://www.objectorange.ca/index.html

And hurry before I buy everything up!


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  1. Hello Calli.

    Its Tyler from Object Orange. Thank-you for your kind words, greatly appreciated. I also wanted to let you know that I just found two more chairs that match your set if your interested. Give me a call at the shop 1-778-478-0737. Have a great day, and again thank-you very much.

    Tyler, Object Orange.