Monday, March 28, 2011

Ladder Found!

Remember when, only a few short weeks ago, I posed here about wanting a beat up old ladder for my master bathroom?

I'm not used to finding what I am looking for so easily (I'm the person at the mall finding tons of tops when I really need jeans...) So I was shocked this weekend when I found a ladder at my grandparent's house that was destined for the dump - and exactly what I wanted. 

Talk about 'meant to be' - what are the chances that I would be there on this particular day and my grandma would happen to mention that she had a load for the dump that included a ladder? 

Although I only had my little Honda with me I was able to fit the ladder in and get it home (There would have been more room if I'd only taken out that little thrift store find (post to come) a week ago when I bought it...)

The ladder had been sitting outside for a long time - as evident by the dirt and cobwebs all over it. But, after I gave it a good cleaning with a damp rag and let it dry she was good to go. Ignore the wall colour and horrible yellow lighting in the photos below... what generic spec home colours!

*The ladder is really more weathered gray with blue paint splatters and silver hardware.

More pictures to come once I've got this room painted and pulled together!


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