Friday, March 25, 2011

A Bit of Brilliance - Does it get better than Doughnuts and Shoes?

1. This twist on plain jane cake balls by The Knead for Speed is not only ingenious but adorable and I may just give it a try this weekend if I can
a) find the time and
b) find someone to force them on share them with so I don't end up eating a dozen by myself late Saturday night...

2. My worst fear has come true - a while back Steve Carell confirmed he was leaving The Office and with each new episode I find myself worrying that it may be his last. It will be really hard to enjoy myself with anyone else but Michael Scott (that's what she said!). 

3. I am really into strappy sandals for spring and summer and these ones from Aldo are perfect! The dark brown won`t easily get dirty and worn looking and I love the beads.

4. 'Mean' by Taylor Swift (off of her newest album Speak Now) has been playing over and over in my head. I can't help but make the connection between the lyrics and the whole Kanye West debacle.

5. Check out these great Kamloops Kijiji furniture finds...
$25 Desk - I'd leave some wood and add some white paint.

$10 Chair - love the legs, I see it reupholstered in a big graphic print

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