Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ladder Desire

Although I haven't painted my bathroom yet, I have started thinking about what I want it to look like when the dust settles.

FYI - my master bathroom goal: have it done (at least painted) by May (the one year anniversary of when I moved in).

Now that I have this rug as my jumping off point I am looking for an icy blue/green for the walls.

Besides painting the walls, most of the character and charm in the master bathroom will have to come from the decorative elements I add - there isn't a shower curtain or much room to add any furniture.

I am playing around with a few ideas - and scouring blogs and magazines for inspiration. The main idea that I am really feeling right now is using a vintage painted ladder against a wall to add some dimension and shelving. I think that I could use the rungs to display a couple decorative objects and overall it would be a great rustic focal point. 

Here are a few picture that I found to explain what I can't using just my words...

Can I just take a second to point out how fantastic the (normally bland) rolls of toilet paper look in that bowl on top of the cabinet?

Pottery Barn
This close-up photo is not only gorgeous, it perfectly shows the rustic vibe I am shooting for.

One thing I have noticed - looking at new vintage-looking ladders online is that I am going to have to fork over some cold hard cash if I want to buy one in stores - at least $100. Since I am not really into spending that much on something decorative for my bathroom, and I haven't seen any in our local stores, I think that this is quickly becoming a DIY project. From now on I will be keeping my eyes open for something that I can use for this project - probably wooden that I can possibly paint.

(I may also raid the sheds of those closest to me and see if there is anything with the used/rustic look that I want - then offer to buy them a replacement ladder of course!)


The Inspired Room
 I'll keep you posted if I find anything good...


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