Friday, March 11, 2011

A Bit of Brilliance - Happiness for a Dreary Day

I have been finding a lot of little gems lately (and am continuously discovering new ones) that I want to share but each cannot really stand alone in a post (Not because they aren't all super cool/gorgeous/fun...)

So here is the plan (until further notice)... Every Friday I am going to share these nuggets of awesomeness through a Quick and Dirty post of sorts. Just a snapshot of images/ideas/links that I have stumbled over and want to pass along (with minimal rambling on my part).

So here we go... 

1.  My friend Jessie has a great blog called 1 Starting Point that focuses on early childhood development and has a lot of really fun ideas for parents, adults, caregivers... I heart this post about thrift store treasure.

2. I have fallen hard for this gorgeous headboard. (The overhead light is pretty great too!)

Apartment Therapy

3. This week, while at Costco, I found house plants for only $10. They are in fantastic pots (that would normally be at least $10 alone) AND don't require full sun which suits my little condo perfectly.

Not mine - my pot is nicer...

4. I bought this fantastic photo frame from Pier 1 for a dear friend at Christmas and really wanted to keep it for myself. Now I can't stop thinking about it and the store doesn't have anymore - so I am planning to DIY my own... someday...

5. This is sure to make anyone happy when skies are grey. If you find time (or courage) to try and make one yourself you have got to invite me over for a piece (its an unwritten rule of sorts...).
One Charming Party

Have a great weekend!



  1. i love that picture frame! lucky friend who got it... ;)

  2. yea she's spoiled - guess how she said thank-you? By breaking one of the martin glasses she had just given me (and then replacing it) xo