Thursday, March 10, 2011


When I see something insanely charming that someone else has I normally want it (yes I am sometimes 5 years old - on the inside).

Sooooooo, when I spotted some glorious pieces of DIY art online - made using only a Martha Stewart craft punch and awesome scrapbooking papers - I took the approach of "anything you can do I can do better"... 

Two Brunettes
It seems I was not the only copycat on the block - a simple Google search shows that there are tons of people doing the same thing. I'm not gonna take the time to try and trace everything back to find the original creative genius responsible... Instead, I will show you what I did and take any credit you are willing to dish out.

Picture Frame - I chose one with a thick mat to give it a more 3D look
Paper for the background - sized to fit in your frame
Butterfly Punch (Martha Stewart's is great)
Coloured paper to use for the butterflies (I chose scrapbooking paper)

1. Sit down, relax, pour yourself some wine and start punching out your butterflies. I found this addictive and punched out way too many - but it gave me some choice come assembly time.

2. Find a pencil. As this was not on your materials list, look around the house for a pencil, find one that needs sharpening, sharpen it, pour yourself some more wine.

3. Grid out where your want your butterflies spaced on your background. This only requires basic math (as evident by my ability to do it) and is best done before you finish your second glass of wine. I made small dots where my butterflies would sit, spaced them all out and made sure this is how I wanted it to look.

4. Once the spacing is done and you like the layout all that's left is to glue the butterflies in place, let everything dry, and assemble in the frame. (I curled the wings up a bit for some extra dimension and then only glued the bodies down with one little dot of glue).

Here's my finished masterpiece in action...

I actually made two to hang side by side in my bedroom. (Sorry for the poor exposure - there is only so much I can do with evening light - until my photo skills improve)

Note: This project was relatively straight forward so I didn't get into too much detail on the instructions. If you decide to try and tackle this one and get tripped up along the way just send me a message.


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