Friday, April 22, 2011

A Bit of Brilliance - Oh so Romantic!

Apparently sea-foam can be romantic! Who knew? The intricate details in the staircase are glorious as well as that soft filtered light streaming through the huge window!

House of Design & Style

Talk about sexy! If I were Cinderella I would ask my fairy godmother for these - Goodbye glass slipper, Hello Valentino! (For $4500 a pair I really will need a fairy godmother)

I love Spring and all the potential it offers... my favorite thing about this fabulous season are the budding flowers. Could there be anything more romantic than fresh flowers?

Adenium obesum  - Desert Rose (by me)

Like something out of the Great Gatsby this dinner party is equal parts glamor, extravagance, and whimsy - doesn't black and white photography just make everything more romantic?

Source Unknown

Oh so swoon worthy... I could lose a weekend (or two) in this bedroom and not even notice.

La Maison Boheme


FYI - My regular Friday 'Quick and Dirty Posts' are now 'A Bit of Brilliance' - each Friday you can check out the Brilliant finds that I've spotted online and around town during the week!

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