Friday, April 29, 2011

A Bit of Brilliance - You Made My Day

I only had three days of work this week because I used some vacation time to make last weekend extra long... sorry to rub it in, I guess my brilliant 5 day weekend is getting a little old eh? As if a short work week wasn't great enough, here are a few things that made it even better!

1. On my first day back I was lucky enough to have a work luncheon at the beautiful, world renowned,  Tobiano Golf Course. Not only was the view spectacular but the meal was delicious too!

Photos via Contemporist
Although lunch was amazing all on its own I got flowers too! (It was administrative professionals day or week or something) Sorry for a lack of pictures but they are at the office where I am thoroughly enjoying them!

2. I ordered fabric for my cane chairs... Need I say more? A couple of my faves were sold out so I had to improvise and you will have to wait and see what I finally settled on but here's a teaser...

3. Can we talk for a second about just how wonderful this vintage flash card art is? And how wonderfully creative are the phrases? L.O.V.E it!

By Sundance (sadly no longer available) via Design*Sponge

4. I will admit there were moments where I too doubted the Canucks but Burrows restored my faith (and won back a place in my heart after taking a penalty in OT). The game was one of the more exciting things I've seen lately and I'm pumped for this series against Nashville!

Our local farmer's market has finally kicked off for another season! This means bedding plants, fresh veggies, baking, and eventually fresh berries! I thinks I might head down there and check it out if the weather co-operates. Besides that, most of my time will be spent playing soccer - hope your weekend is fabulous too!


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