Wednesday, April 27, 2011

From Beast to Beauty - Master Bath Part II

Bare, clean, walls? Check. Patched and sanded holes? Check. Paint cut in around ceiling, baseboards, fixtures, and corners? Check. I was ready to roll.

Overall I find the entire painting process therapeutic - I've got my music playing and I can let my mind wander... This is especially true if I've done a good job cutting in because I don't need to get too close to the ceiling, trim, or fixtures when rolling and can avoid any scary moments (usually when I end up swearing like a sailor).

I'm no expert (trial and error baby!) but my main tip for rolling on paint is to avoid getting too much paint on your roller - you want light coats, no drips, and if you overload the roller with paint it can splatter all over the place. Also, I like to go in a W pattern, rolling back over the area to eliminate any paint lines (like colouring a picture with concentric circles).

Painting my master bathroom posed a few challenges. Reaching over top of the shower was tough because my ladder wouldn't fit inside it - this was overcome with a lot of reaching and teetering. Toilets are also a pain in the butt to paint around in general. Being right handed I prefer a certain angle when cutting in, which the positioning of my toilet did not accommodate. However after some contortionist style maneuvering I was able to get paint everywhere (including where I originally wanted it).

A small mistake easily rectified with some white trim paint.
I used a large roller as well as a smaller one for some of the tighter areas and I think that this worked out really well. The smaller roller allowed me to avoid getting paint all over the toilet, base boards and myself while painting in the tight corners.

I stretched this project out over 3 days because a) It was Easter b) I had the time and c) I like to give as much drying time as possible. Any lovely lady out there (or guy - no judgment) who has applied a second coat of nail polish too soon knows the value in letting something dry.

Progress - paint coat numero uno
This paint went on nicely and the colour covered really well. I've found that darker colours often require multiple coats (aka my high maintenance 4 coat bedroom feature wall) but was pleasantly surprised this time and only ended up with 2 coats.

I mentioned my need for perfection so I cut in again on the second coat. However I didn't go as slow or try to get as close to the ceiling/baseboard/fixtures as the first time. I then rolled on my second coat and stood back to admire my handiwork. The second coat took a fraction of the time and that's why it is so important to take your time with that first coat. If I had rushed through cutting initially I would have had to spend a lot of time fixing mistakes.

The only thing left to do was the baseboards. I had freshened up the door and door frame with new white paint when I did my bedroom so this time I only needed to do the baseboard trim inside the bathroom. I also touched up a couple mistakes from the rolling process. 

I really have a thing for turquoise and red so that's the direction I'm heading. Clearly the room isn't done quite yet, but with some art, a towel bar, and a sprinkling of a little bit more red...


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