Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Third Time's the Charm

I have been in my new place for almost 11 months ( read: anniversary party hopefully in the works!) and sill haven't painted my main bathroom or spare bedroom yet. However, I have painted my master bedroom feature wall three times so I'm calling it even.

When I first moved in I painted the entire place in a neutral gray (actually my Dad did most of the painting - thanks Dad!). The all over gray allowed me to move in some furniture and get a feel for the place. I quickly realized that the master bedroom needed some oomph so I decided to do a graphic painted feature wall.

Before: Neutral Gray.
 I really liked this Trellis Pattern tutorial from Centsational Girl and decided to give it a try. The pattern was relatively easy to use but very time consuming. After tracing it onto the wall with a pencil (for hours!) I outlined it with a very thin brush using a darker gray paint.

It took a long time to trace and paint. About half way through I realized that my hand wasn't steady enough and the pattern was getting a bit wonky. You can't really tell in the pictures but it was a bit uneven so I decided to abandon ship. Not my proudest moment (I hate being wrong) - At the time I was a bit upset that the pattern hadn't worked.

During: Dark Gray Pattern
So there I was, abandoned Trellis Pattern on the wall, headboard and furniture all over the place, in need of another brilliant idea. I decided to go with a solid colour - the pattern would be hard enough to cover with one solid colour and I was tired of painting!

But what colour? The furniture and headboard are all black and white and I have two killer (original) mushroom lamps that are pink. I didn't really want to commit to an entire pink wall and ended up turning to a great turquoise trench coat that I have (and often receive complements on) for inspiration. I actually took the coat into the paint store and had them do a colour match for me - which they nailed!

After: Deep Turquoise Blue

 Because this was a custom match the paint doesn't have a name - and I couldn't live with that. I introduce you to Nothing Under my Trench Turquoise

A bit cheeky eh? But then again I'm a bit cheeky too and it's in my bedroom so I think it's perfect! 


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  1. I like to take a short break in my work day and read your blog a couple days a week. Loved the rainbow pictures and wish I was brave enough to try something colourful. The bedroom looks fabulous in the photos and I can't wait to see what you do with the vintage nightstand. TJ