Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mirror, Mirror...

I haven't shared too many pictures of my own place yet - mostly because taking pictures requires a clean home and a clean home requires time for me to tidy up and this time for me to tidy requires some sort of time travel or time freezing device that hasn't yet been invented...

One area that hasn't received a lot of blogging attention is my entryway. It's definitely one of my less loved spaces - narrow, small, awkward - and has left me somewhat puzzled over what to actually do with it all. 

Because I'm not exactly sure what to do I've held off on any art or small furniture (like a coat rack or small shelf). However, one piece that I purchased for the entrance before even moving in was a curvy, somewhat Moroccan or trellis shaped mirror.

It was nice enough looking, with a goldish patina, and although the shape caught my attention, overall it really wasn't me. I had seen some awesomely bright painted examples out there that I wanted to try to replicate so I picked up some pink spray-paint (called Watermelon) and got to work!

*On a side note, each year Pantone, self proclaimed world-renowned authority on colour (I'm not arguing), announces their colour of the year. For 2011 they have chosen Honeysuckle, coincidentally  the exact colour of my mirror - which I painted a year ago. I'm not saying that I'm a trendsetter when it comes to colour - but if anyone else wants to I won't try and stop them...


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