Monday, April 4, 2011

Chandeliers for All!

One day, while talking about her jewelery business, a super smart friend told me that she'll stop when it starts to feel like work. Well my friends this week is set up to be a doozy and planning and writing my weekly posts is starting to feel like work. So please forgive me if I miss a day or two over the next few weeks (or if the posts are short and my heart doesn't seem into it). I will return, ramped up and ready to go, I promise!

These rooms, all featuring chandelier art, caught my eye recently - if only I had some sort of artistic ability that could be exploited to create something amazing like this...

I love the graphic style of this wall decal found on Apartment Therapy
A fantastic pop of green in this art also found on Apartment Therapy

Twin white chandeliers - Source Unknown
A quick Google search came back with a ton of options that you can buy - you can also find stencils online that can help the DIY process along if you are like me and free hand painting is not an option.

If you do happen to have mad skills and whip up some art like this keep me in mind - I'd love one too!


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