Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dream a Little Dream...

This may be the most lovely home I've seen in a long, long time. It's completely me - modern but not too minimalist, warm wood, cool white walls, and tons of glass!

Please excuse me as I daydream about my future home...

All I know is that it's located in Hollywood - and I want to move immediately! Even the landscaping is flawless. Can you imagine coming home to this everyday?

All photos via Emily Wheeler

I love the seamless indoor/outdoor pool and fireplace. We'll put on some easy music (think the Eagles Fleetwood Mac, Michael Buble...), go for an evening dip, then sip slushy drinks while watching the sunset...

This would will be where I blog each morning while sipping a chai tea. So what if it's a bathroom? I do what I want. I can't let a view like that go to waste!

I really appreciate how the clean, simple furniture doesn't obscure from the architecture. I can't keep a house this clean all the time (especially while blogging and crafting) so I'll get a cleaning lady - I mean I'm living here so obviously I did pretty well.*

I will spend a large portion of my day in the kitchen baking tasty treats - and then I will have friends over to eat them so I can bake more the next day! I think I'll need more friends...

How can you not stare at this light fixture? Gorgeous!

And this is where I will curl up on the couch to watch my favorite hockey team win the Stanley Cup (I won't say which team to avoid any curses) while a handsome boy rubs my feet and tells me how beautiful I am (think Jake Gyllenhaal, Curtis Stone, Michael Buble...)

Too perfect? Although this may never be my life, a girl can dream right? - I'll try to come back to reality in time for tomorrow's post.


*Ok so this joke may be adapted from The Office on NBC - thanks Michael Scott!

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  1. This house is unbelievable! The architecture is amazing. Love love love it!