Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Don't Mind if I Do

I've got a confession to make. My biggest guilty pleasure is... weddings! I know you thought I was going to say Jersey Shore, movies staring Julia Roberts, or cheesecake and while I have enjoyed all of the above on occasion my guiltiest pleasure is still weddings.

I don't know why I find this so embarrassing but there seems to be a stigma out there that if you LIKE weddings you also WANT a wedding - and SOON

So before I get all post crazy here let me clarify a few things...

One. I am NOT getting married (or plan to get married) anytime soon
Two. I have NOT been planning a wedding in my head since I was a child
Three. I am NOT overly girly, DON'T enjoy chick flicks, and HATE the word soul mates
Four. I do NOT have a wedding dress in my closet waiting for the perfect man

But yes, I am that girl at the airport with a Martha Stewart Weddings magazine tucked under her arm and no ring on her finger.

I know that this may seem like a huge contradiction so let me explain. I indulge in the details of weddings, not necessarily the custom or ceremony. Unlike stereotypical weddings, in bland hotel conference rooms with ugly bridesmaids dresses, the modern weddings featured online are fresh, quirky, original, and really gorgeous. 

Here are some of my favorite images to demonstrate just what I'm trying to say.

Overall, I look at weddings as the ultimate DIY opportunity. Like a home or your hair, a wedding can reflect everything that is entirely you. Maybe I'm a tad narcissistic?

Instead of having my own, I think I'll just adopt wedding crashing as a hobby, but not in a Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson style. Instead I'll sneak inside, swoon over the table linens, centerpieces, cake, and dress, snap a few pictures, and then leave undetected. Is this a little creepy?

Above Images via Pinterest

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Source Unknown

Luckily, via the internet, I can catch a sneak peak at some fabulous weddings without having to get dressed up, buy a gift, or pretend to be from the groom's side of the family (or bride's depending on who I'm talking to).

If, like me, you love beautiful things (and have some spare time on your hands to peruse the internet) here are some of my favorite wedding blogs.

A tad more eye candy to get you over this Wednesday 'Hump' day. It's all downhill from here - in the best way possible!

Above Images via Pinterest

Wedding or not, you could throw an awesome party with some of these ideas... perhaps if I ever win the lottery?


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  1. I also LOVE weddings! Ever since helping my sisters plan their weddings I get SO excited when I see someone's wedding pictures on facebook or hear about cool wedding ideas....
    I, however, fit more on the side of creepy, pre-planned-since-early-adulthood-wedding girly girl but at the same time, have NO idea what I want for my own personal future (hopeful) wedding, nor do I have ANY desire to be married in the next decade! I think I just like stockpiling brilliant ideas for future use! Perhaps my dream job (other than interior design) would be wedding planning....
    I'm stoked to check out the wedding blogs and add some images to my pinterest board! Eeek haha I'm such a nerd! I wish there were more time in a day!