Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Glimpse At My Weekend

I had a very productive weekend. In addition to the cupcakes that I made with Megan (explanation of the gong show icing process provided here) I was finally able to sand and start painting my cane chairs! 

Once I'm done I'll give you a full breakdown of the refinishing and upholstery process but here's a little teaser for your viewing pleasure...

It's all very exciting. Am I painting them white or is this just primer? I'm gonna make you wait and see!

When I wasn't baking, painting, battling buttercream, or running errands to buy more paint and sugar I was able to fit in some time to watch the Canucks win game one over San Jose (woot woot!) AND put together a planter for my front door. 

I found this great pot a couple weeks ago I knew it would work perfectly on my front step. I thought I would use simple grasses to keep everything feeling modern but then I spotted lavender and I was sold. 

The lavender smells amazing, tolerates high light, and looks great in my little pot! 


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