Friday, June 17, 2011

A Bit of Brilliance - During the Intermission...

The Canucks can't keep me down for long... after all, they made a great run (those rioting morons were a downer eh?). Although there were two playoff games this week I still managed to find some time for Pinterest - Here are my favorite pins of the week...

Isn't this picture dreamy? The patchwork bedding is lovely but the carved wood headboard makes my heart go pitter-patter!
Carved Headboard

I love Popsicles! Nothing beats their frosty goodness on a hot summer day. This year I want to experiment with all kinds of flavours and master the art of the Popsicle!

Raspberry-Peach in shot glasses!
I always thought I was a simple, emerald-cut, solitaire kind of girl until the day this beaut appeared on my screen. Simply gorgeous - and who doesn't like sapphires? 

too pretty for words

I've been thinking about Greece a lot lately - is there ever a bad time for a holiday? This room is amazing - relaxing and calm - but I'd love to see the view from that window...

Great Purple Blanket

This may be the start of a very ugly downward spiral for me - A recipe for single serving, no-egg, cookie dough...



  1. Please note: there's a serious problem. The link for the cookie dough takes you to the page for the picture above. That makes me sad :(

  2. Sorry Katie - I think I've fixed it but just in case here is it...