Friday, July 15, 2011

A Bit of Brilliance - Gorgeous Grey

Move over blue - Grey is quickly becoming one of my favorite colours!

99% of my walls are grey as well as my bedding, couch, and car... I really like it in the home because it is neutral without being beige* and it can be warm or cool.

*I can't handle beige - it's everywhere! Can we please all agree to just stop painting things beige!?!

Because I love, love, love grey I tend to pin a ton of images featuring the lovely colour. Here are some of my favorites - until I find even more!

This flat is gorgeous (great photo too!) but the grey stairwell definitely stole my attention! Although I'd probably like it in any colour (like cherry red or burnt orange) I love that the grey is so timeless.

via Pinterest

Yellow and grey together make me smile... Lovely grey sweater, great dress, minimal accessories, and fantastic shoes - what else do you need?

via Pinterest

I may have drooled a tiny bit when I initially saw this room. They grey walls work perfectly with the drop dead gorgeous tiled shower! I have major bathroom envy now...

via Pinterest

I want black and white street map wallpaper in my bedroom! Paired with simple white and grey linens, this room is really calming even though the wallpaper has a lot going on!

via Pinterest

I would wear this outfit all summer - maybe with a longer skirt for work. The ruffles and pink cardigan are so very girly (and totally me!)

via Pinterest

I have been in love with this bathroom for years. The grey walls, bright white board and batting, claw foot tub, chandelier... Oh yea, and the pops of fuchsia, how could you not love it?

via Pinterest

I hope your weekend is amazing!


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