Thursday, July 14, 2011

Working for the Weekend

I have Monday and Tuesday off and I'm headed for Vancouver on Saturday morning! My mom bought us tickets for the Manchester City - Vancouver Whitecaps soccer game on Monday and I am going to take some time to see my friend Kelsey (it's been way way way too long!). 

I am also going to try and catch up on a little shopping - or window shopping since I have yet to discover any sort of money tree that can grow in a pot indoors...

First on my list is the obligatory stop at IKEA - if for nothing else than to wander and check out the displays. I'm also going to try to get to Urban Outfitters and H&M since Vancouver is the only place to find them in BC. 

I've also heard that Anthropologie recently opened a new store in Vancouver. I haven't had the pleasure to actually visit a store yet, but I am in love with their website! The prices are a bit sttep for me so I suspect I'll end up looking more than buying.

Here is a bit of a list I've been compiling online. I don't really  NEED anything - like that's stopped me before...





 I'm sure a few more items may manage to hop off the racks and into my cart - I'll give a little update next week.

Anyone know any other must visit shops in Vancouver? I'm going to look for some used furniture and consignment stores too!


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  1. Yay, I'm so excited! However, I walked to the drugstore today to get medicine and almost passed out on my way home.... it's 4 blocks away! I'm hoping I'm much better by Saturday though because I'd love to window shop with you if you'd like! Main Street has TONS of used furniture stores that are pretty great so we should probably add that to the list!