Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sweet Succulents

Sometimes I joke that my house looks like an old Italian couple's greenhouse. In a space of just over 1100 square feet we have at least 22 plants (that's one for ever 50 feet!). Although they are mainly my boyfriend's responsibility (and true love), I will admit that a space just doesn't feel like a home without them (and art on the walls!). I'm not saying you need 1 plant per 50 feet of house (that's a little obsessive, no?) but one or two can make a big impact.

More and more studies are coming out that promote plants as a natural way to clean the air and cool a room by a few degrees. Most of our plants are cacti and succulents so I'm not sure if they are better or worse at this but the little cuties are really growing on me!

I'm going to risk hurting my other house plant's feelings and say that the succulents are probably my favorite - unlike cacti, succulents (or the ones I've seen) don't seem to bite. But, weather you go for succulents or cacti, I really love them all. They are low maintenance, can go without water forever (almost), and tend to just sit on the window sill and seem content.

I've been spotting succulents and cacti all over the place lately and I really hope they stick around!

Gorgeous entrance via Pinterest

Succulent table number via Pinterest

Huge cacti via Pinterest

Colourful succulents via Pinterest

Hate the lights but the cacti are great! via Pinterest

succulent boutonniere via Pinterest

Cacti garden via Pinterest

Have I convinced you yet? Cacti and succulents are definitely the way to go when it comes to house plants. The only issue we've had is getting them enough sun in the winter - but we don't have an east facing window so I clearly chose poorly when buying...


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