Friday, July 22, 2011

A Bit of Brilliance - Pinch of Colour

Although I can respect a lovely monochromatic room, nothing really captures my attention (and heart) like a pinch of colour. 

Here are a few of my favorite rooms that perfectly mix natural neutrals and a pinch of colour!

I first fell in love with this room in Style at Home magazine. I love the triple chandeliers, lightly graphic wallpaper, clear acrylic chair, and bright punchy purple rug...

via Pinterest

This would have made me stick with piano lessons - at least for a month or two longer... The coloured keys jump out because the piano is neutral slate black. Love, Love, Love!

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I love how they use colour in this house! This top picture really makes my heart go pitter patter... I love the dark blue chaise, hints of turquoise, and green stools - all colours similar in tone and feel that work so well together!

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A Rustic colour gem - the mix of wood and plants with colourful rugs and bedding works wonderfully! 

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This yarn storage is brilliant and lovely to look at! I may need to move the wine somewhere else and take up knitting...

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Hopefully this colour can make up for the less-than stellar weather we've been experiencing this summer...


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