Monday, August 8, 2011

Good things come from stalking friends on facebook...

You may or may not be aware, but I HAVE A WHOLE FREAKIN WEEK OFF WORK! Clearly I'm rather nonchalant about the whole thing... 

I spent the weekend at the lake relaxing in the sun, catching up on some reading, and sitting by the fire but today I am home to get some stuff done!

My to-do list is massive and I've already been distracted by pinterest and facebook - I needed to indulge myself with a little online stalking to see what's up in the lives of some of my favorite people (no, a call would not be more appropriate - it would be weird and awkward and strained...)

And guess what? Through my cunning powers of deduction and sharp as a tack mind I found out one of my friends is engaged! (ok, there were a plethora of "congratulation" messages on facebook and someone mentioned dress shopping, but I still had to put A and B together...)

And what do I love almost as much as exposed brick walls, Eames chairs, cute cupcakes, and DIY projects? Weddings! Other people's weddings! (almost backed myself into a corner there...)

I spotted this wedding last night as I perused one of my favorite wedding blogs - aren't the blue shoes fantastic? I actually really like the suspenders too...

gray suits via Pinterest
My boyfriend loves plants so when I saw this reception, held in a greenhouse, I thought he'd love it and therefore had to show it to him... clearly he "we" aren't ready to for the next step just yet...

greenhouse reception via Pinterest

I have a huge crush on lace right now and this veil epitomizes everything I love! (The photography is pretty great too...)

lace trimmed veil via Pinterest

I heart this bouquet because it is fresh, modern, and not at all stereotypical - also I adore peonies...

pink bouquet via pinterest

Word on the street is that popsicles are the new cake pops which are the new cupcakes... I love frozen treats so these are right up my alley!

individually wrapped popsicles via Pinterest

My boyfriend's love of plants has transferred over to me - not that I didn't like them before, they just weren't really on my radar. I love the idea of giving guests a gift that lasts and is environmentally conscious.

sapling favours via Pinterest

If The Hills taught me anything it's this - What's a wedding without at least one tequila shot? This presentation of tiny individual bottles, mini tacos, and limes is more adorable than trashy (plus they use the classy expensive stuff!).

tequila and tacos via Pinterest

It's not even 9am on my first day off and not only am I out of bed, I am dressed, have had breakfast, and now have achieved something. Perhaps a nap or more Pinterest is in order before I get to that to-do list...


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