Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I Love Dexter!

I don't have cable. Not because I don't like tv, I can get caught watching something stupid with the best of them (think Jersey Shore or Entertainment Tonight). I don't have cable because I'm cheap. I've learned to find the shows I like online or buy DVD box sets (on sale!) and although that means I'm behind a bit it's ok, because in the summer, when nothing but crap is on tv, I've got Damages, Mad Men, or something else fabulous to watch. 

Right now I'm having a mini Dexter marathon, trying to catch up on Season 4. I know I've posted this before but I am in love (love! love! love!) with these Ty Mattson prints and want one sooooooooo bad!

I've tried to purchase one (or two...) on numerous occasions but there are always problems with the Showtime website. First they didn't ship to Canada and then there was an issue with the terms and conditions... 

But, the website has underestimated just how stubborn I can be - I wont give up until one of these beauts is framed and leaned against my wall in a very chic and modern way!


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