Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Give the Girl a Chance

Yes, I went to a Taylor Swift concert in Vancouver this weekend.

If you've got a joke to make, save it, everyone at work already beat you to it.

But you know what? It was an AMAZING show!!!

Source: Jenelle Schneider via The Vancouver Sun
No I didn't feel too old, even with a tons of 15 year old girls (and younger!) running about the place. Instead I actually felt younger. Taylor Swift may in fact hold the key to time travel (and scientists will never know)... Somehow, for a couple hours, I was magically transported back to high school and allowed to belt out the words to my favorite songs without feeling the need to act mature.

It was a fantastic feeling. Not that I want to be in high school, I'd crack under the pressure in a matter of minutes, but a couple hours to act like a kid again was wonderful.

Now I know not everyone (at least 99% of the people I associate with) is a Taylor Swift fan. But, you've gotta admit she's adorable. Normally I'd be annoyed by anyone so sweet and squeaky clean but it's really hard to hate her.

Also, I respect the fact that she doesn't need to act like a whore to sell her music. Yes, I have some Ke$ha and Rhianna songs on my iPod (and even a couple Brittney and Christina - you know, for old times sake) and I'm not calling them whores or hating on the skin tight revealing clothes, chains and whips, or Russell Brand. I'm just saying that Taylor Swift is refreshing and not once did I have to question anyone's parenting skills because they brought their kid to the show.

The best part of the show? Besides the does he/doesn't he love me emotionally charged atmosphere - The glitter. Move over Mariah Carey, there's a new girl in town and damn does she make glitter look good.
The outfits (all of them - every single one) were sparkling, there were fireworks, and at least twice canons shot glitter into the air. Now I want my own glitter gun moment.

Of course all good things must come to an end and it was time for me to come back to reality (mortgage payment and all...). Of course Taylor sent the crowd away on cloud nine after stepping onto a balcony and floating above the crowd.

She's sweet and adorable and makes me want to be friends on a first name basis. Common, give her a chance...


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