Thursday, September 22, 2011

Loving Lucite

There's something insanely cool about clear plastic furniture. Like walking out over the Grand Canyon and looking down to see the rocky floor hundreds of feet below, it doesn't make sense. Although plexiglass is strong enough to support a grown human, we still gingerly perch on a chair or carefully place our glass on a side table. 

I've had my eye on a fabulous set of nesting tables at CB2 that would look amazing in my living room. Ikea also offers the TOBIAS chair that pairs cool molded lucite and chrome - a win-win in my books.

I love this lucite bucket chair. The shape and chrome base are glorious - especially when paired with a glam mirrored dressing table.

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Who doesn't want a chair hanging from the ceiling in their living room? Overall, this space has a retro feel but is still very modern and fresh. I'd take that suspended chrome lamp in a heart beat too!

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I apologize for re-using this image, I know I've posted it at least once if not twice. The thing is, this room really does it for me. I adore the printed wallpaper, sparkling chandeliers, and... the Ikea TOBIAS chair!

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Here is my idea of a home office. Clutter free, well organized, with an industrial feel. I'm not a huge fan of the arms on these chairs (they may get in the way) but overall, the lucite is fantastic!

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This may be my favorite use of lucite to date. After all, what is the point of buying pair after pair of gorgeous shoes and then keep them hidden away? You can only wear one pair at a time. This storage solution is genius and very cool if I do say so myself.

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I'm sure I could find a DIY project or two out there to help me add some lucite to my life... until then, I've got these images to get me by.


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