Thursday, September 15, 2011

Put a case on it

This weekend we added a new addition to our little family! 

In case you were wondering, our family consists of my boyfriend, numerous plants that he loves like children, and a dozen-ish handbags that I love more than I would my own offspring... (note to self, I'm not ready to pro-create).

This time however the addition wasn't green or feature hand stitching... I am pleased to announce that, I have now upgraded to a new iPhone!!!

This is a big step for me - I'm almost always last when it comes to fancy new technology, people actually made fun of the relic phone I toted around for the last two years. 

I will admit to acting like a child on Christmas morning - searching for neat apps and adding contacts. Then, this morning, with the best of intentions I went online to look for cases. 

Two and a half hours later...

Now a girl needs to protect her stuff (scratches are not a flattering look!), and I wanted nothing but the best for my new baby. However, I found myself quickly overwhelmed by the amount of stuff online (a common occurrence). There are literally a biajillion different cases out there, many of them cute, and I just don't know what to do. Like an excited child at the SPCA* I really want to take them all home (where I can give them plenty of love and let them run free in a field...)

*I'll take the SPCA over a pet store any day

I was able to limit the choices slightly, here are my favorite dozen or so...

I really love that there are so many different colours and patterns available - I was able to find chevron, houndstooth, plaid, argyle, and paisley prints in all kinds of colour options. I also spotted cases that featured old-school book covers. Nancy Drew was a favorite when I was young and The Catch in the Rye is a classic!

(Green Trellis Pattern by Lifeguard Press; Cupcake found on Zazzle; Purple and Yellow Baroque Pattern by Cafe Press; Nancy Drew by Cafe Press; The Catcher in the Rye by Out of Print Clothing;

I also really love these Andy Warhol print cases (. They come in a 5 pack and would make a fantastic Christmas present (hint, hint!). 

via Pinterest

And finally, here are the three I have it narrowed down to for now - however, knowing me, it could very well change tomorrow...

Kate Spade from Amazon

Harper Lee's Classic via Pinterest

Jonathan Adler via Pinterest

Please feel free to put in your 2 cents - you know I love an opinion or two!



  1. My first thought was definately the cupcake however that would just make you want cupcakes all day long so then I thought "gotta be different" and I love the Nancy Drew but it would only look good up close so I think the bright orange is the one! Love Mom

  2. I do love giraffes quite thoroughly but the last one reminds me of that adorable children's book about the sparkly finned fish.... What was that called again? So that's my vote!