Friday, September 16, 2011

A Bit of Brilliance - Terrific Textiles

"Nice thick material" my grandpa always used to say - after a playful pinch in the stomach, arm, or leg. 

He tended to overuse his jokes (or maybe I was just too cool) so it grew old, fast. But, sometimes I find myself drawn to the feel of a fabric when shopping and I experience a little flash back - and a private chuckle.

Does it seem like sometimes you can't help but run a hand over a stack of shirts or row of scarfs? That's exactly how these images make me feel...

These yarn wrapped candle holders are all kinds of cozy. I really love the seaside/nautical colour palate but see it working just as well with rich browns, varying purples, or something with some sparkle for the holidays.

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My Nana was queen of Mod Podge and would have gone nuts for this project. I love how well the delicate lace works with the soft hues in the ceramic pots. 

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These ballet flats are delicate and girly and truly beautiful. Although perfect for a fancy party, I'd pair them with dark denim for some a girl-next door appeal...

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I imagine this wool sweater is terribly itchy - but the adorable heart patches are soft and fleece-like. I covet anything a bit old-school and this sweater has the feel of a high school football game.

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These braided headbands are genius! I have a ton of fabric scraps, glue gun, and can pick up cheap plastic headbands from the dollar store. My own laziness is the only reason I haven't started mass producing them!

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