Monday, September 19, 2011

The Tale of a Tulip... and a Table

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I have been completely captivated by this dining room. I first saw it in a magazine a year or two ago (I believe it was Canada's Style at Home) and ripped it from the binding as inspiration for the new home I had just purchased. The dark floors perfectly ground the bright white curtains, sparkling chandelier, soft gray walls, and sky skimming mirror. I am also head over heels in love with the gray-blue colour of the chairs and the overall balance of old and new/modern and eclectic. But, my favorite piece by leaps and bounds is the table. I have wanted a Tulip table forever - smooth sculptural base, cool marble top - and, as I do not have one of my own, I live vicariously through this image. 

Can you believe that I have drooled over this table a million times without Googling the designer? According to good old Wikipedia, Eero Saarinen, a Finish-American architect and interior designer created the Tulip group of furniture in 1956. The table was produced alongside matching side and arm chairs, bar stools, and coffee and side table.

Fun fact - Apparently Eero Saarinen attended the Cranbrook Academy of Art where he befriended fellow students (and design legends!) Charles and Ray Eames!!! I apologize if I'm just a tad bit excited right now - but common, how cool is that! 

I really love the timelessness and versatility of the Tulip table (and chairs). It can work with different spaces and design aesthetics - acting as a showstopper or silently taking a supporting role. 

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Recently, I've seen a crazy amount of Tulip tables online used with mismatched chairs for an incredible eclectic look. Or, the opposite, Tulip chairs as an addition around a wood table creating a perfect miss-matched look.

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Ikea's DOCKSTA table is actually a great knock off of the Tulip table and relatively affordable - Especially when compared to an original! I saw a couple original Tulip dining sets in a Vancouver furniture store this summer for an exorbitant amount of money, luckily my credit card limit is too low...


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